There are numerous objects under the name “Châteaudun”, postcards and books in the Tourist Information Office souvenir shop and in shops at the town’s tourist attractions.

The Tourist Information Office shop

The Tourist Information Office shop offers souvenirs, books, postcards and local food products of the Terre d'Eure-et-Loir brand. Don’t leave the city without a souvenir : keyring, fridge magnet, mug, pen, snow globe… or some delicious local food products : beers, lemonade, cider, biscuits, jams, honey, rillettes, pastas, potato chips…

The castle shop

The castle shop sells numerous books, other small items and postcards of the castle. There are also medals from the Paris mint showing the monument.

The Caves of Foulon shop

The Caves of Foulon shop sells jewels, rocks and minerals and other small items.