Visit the island

Come on board to discover the river Loir

A timeless trip on a protected river that is home to exceedingly varied fauna and flora

Down the river Loir

Come on board to Chemars Island with the canoe-kayak club – the island is located between two branches of the Loir at the foot of the upper town. A two-hour route lets you admire the castle from all angles after you embark, especially the huge buttresses of the Dunois wing anchored in the rocky escarpment, overlooking the Saint Médard bridge, sixty metres high.

Protected nature and remarkable sites

Departure is from the Grands Moulins, an old water mill that is also a tourist lodging. Then you can discover the riches of the Loir on your trip – this protected river is home to a rich and varied fauna and flora. You might come across the kingfisher or catch sight of a remarkable tree. You will see the community gardens along the Loir and the large workshop at Moulin à Tan.

Other trips

The canoe-kayak club can also take you on an hour-long trip “At the foot of the castle”, a half-day excursion from Marboué to Châteaudun and for day trips on the River Loir and the River Conie. Other customized routes are available on request – the club also runs stand-up paddle sessions at the foot of the castle.

The Moulin à Tan

This large brick-decorated building was built in the late nineteenth century on the site of an old water mill by Louis Baudet, an entrepreneur specializing in jewels and who was also the Mayor of the town, in order to serve the workshop.

Protected nature

The tour of Chemars Island lasts for two hours and lets you discover the rocky promontory the castle was built on. This unexpected route, in the heart of the town, also lets you discover a river with rich and varied flora and fauna.