Car parks

Parking is free in Châteaudun. Parking is also unlimited except in two blue areas (zones bleues) in the town centre where there is a time limit of 90 minutes.

A blue area is an area indicated with specific parking signs where parking spaces are usually delimited by blue lines on the ground. You can park for free in a blue area but there is a time limit (the time limit may be different from one town to another) and you have to display a parking disc behind your windshield with your time of arrival. It is forbidden to stay parked longer and you risk being fined. Parking discs can be bought at the Tourist Information Office.

Town centre

  • Place du 18-Octobre (blue area from Monday to Saturday 09:00 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 18:30 – max. stay 90 minutes)
  • Mail
  • Place Saint-André
  • Place Jehan de Dunois
  • Place Cap de la Madeleine
  • Place d’Arklow
  • Les Grands Moulins - rue des Fouleries
  • Rue Saint-Médard
  • Rue de Varize (marked "green")
  • Centre Léo Lagrange
  • Rue du Champdé (marked "yellow")
  • Parking des Vieux Fossés (marked "blue")
  • Parking Saint-Valérien (marked "red")
  • Gare et médiathèque

Other areas

  • La Halle - Rue de Sancheville
  • Place de la Liberté
  • Rue Abel Méret
  • Rue Saint-Jean
  • Impasse de la Croix Rousseau
  • Rue Paul Gauchery
  • Boulevard Albert Schweitzer
  • Place du 1er Bataillon d’Eure-et-Loir
  • Rue Jean-Rostand


  • Camping de Mon Village de Châteaudun (Camping-Car Park)
  • Place du 18 Octobre (blue zone with parking disc needed)
  • Piscine / centre nautique (Rue de Varize / Rue du Champdé)


  • Mail (2 places in front of the museum))
  • Private car park at the Caves of Foulon, Rue des Fouleries (visitors only)
  • Reserved places in front of the castle, Place Jehan de Dunois (visitors only with previous booking)